Custom Trapped CroCow

How to get custom CroCow? See below for details.
Short instruction how to get Custom Trapped CroCow
For the more involved holders in project we will prepare custom Trapped CroCow, that will enable additional passive income.
Detailed schedule for minting your Custom Trapped CroCow: - Filling in forms will start when the mint procces will reach 60% (4800/8000 minted); - Then we will start sending forms and processing your applications; - The time to fill out a form will be 5-7 days; - Next we prepare your NFTs and will send to your wallet; - Staking CroCow on CRODEX.
First staking peroid will take 60 days, then will be re-check of CroCow holders and re-release #2 Trapped CroCow.
FAQ: 1. Can I sell my CroCow after receiving Trapped CroCow? YES! YES! YES! 2. So we should start Open Tickets when we reached 4.8k Mint or can we already Open Tickets? When we will reach 4,8k. 3. Why there is no background? We want to create one special for this series.
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